So many people are looking for that perfect new home in Southern California, and if you are one of those people, you may be wondering if real estate in Dana Point is right for you. The fact is that this charming community is often overlooked by many as a possible destination for their new home, yet those who take a closer look often fall in love with its charm and history.

Gorgeous Views

Southern California is known for its scenic vistas, but only a handful of communities offer you ocean views from your own living room. This coastal community borders the ocean, and it even is one of the only communities in the area with its own harbor. There are numerous houses, town homes and condos that offer their own views, and you can also enjoy views from different angles in the city, too. This is one of the few cities that offers access to scenic State Route 1.

An Affordable Destination

Real estate in Dana Point can be high end, and there are quite a few luxury homes and mansions. However, the fact is that the median income here is under $100,000 per person, so there are quite a few more affordable homes as well. There really is something for everyone to enjoy in Dana Point.

Close to Everything

When people look at real estate in Dana Point, they often love that it has a small town charm, as it is only home to about 35,000 people and retains some of its historic charm from its founding in the early 1900s. Yet it also is close to world-class beaches and the high-end, sophisticated venues in the Los Angeles area, too. With a closer look, you may just see that Dana Point is the perfect destination for your new home.